Surgical Innovation-Contribution in cardiac surgery
1. Development of a New Method for Coronary Revascularization by Using in a Novel Way the Radial Artery–so Called “Radial Loop Technique”
Athanasiou T, Casula R, Charitou A, Kavia S, Skipworth J, Stanbridge Rde L,Glenville B.  How I Do It: A New Method of Myocardial Revascularization with Use of the Radial Loop Technique. Heart Surg Forum. 2003; 6:E68-69.

2. Development of a New Method of Repairing Arterial Conduits by Using in a Novel Way the Ventrica-MVP Distal Anastomotic Device

Charitou A, Panesar SS, DeL Stanbridge R, Athanasiou T. Novel Use of a Magnetic Coupling Device to Repair Damage of the Internal Thoracic Artery. J Card Surg. 2006; 21: 89-91.

3. Thoracoscopic Redo-Resternotomy Technique

Athanasiou T, DeL Stanbridge R, Kumar P, Cherian A. Video Assisted Resternotomy in High-risk Redo Operations - The St Mary's Experience. Eur J Cardiothorac Surg. 2002; 21: 932-934.

4. Endoscopic Radial Harvesting Technique

Casula RP, Kumar P, Ashrafian H, Athanasiou T. Evolving Techniques for Endoscopic Radial Artery Harvesting. Cardiovasc Surg. 2003; 11: 425-427.

5. Robotic Bloodless Surgery Technique for Jehova’s Witnesses

Casula R, Athanasiou T.  Totally Endoscopic Coronary Artery Bypass on the Beating Heart in Jehovah's Witness and HIV Patients: A Case Report. Heart Surg Forum. 2004; 7: E174-176.
6. Off-pump repair technique for Recurrent Coarctation

Athanasiou T, Aziz T, Aziz O, Cheshire N, Stanbridge RD.  Apical Suction Device Facilitating Off-pump Bypass for Recurrent Coarctation: Case Report. Heart Surg Forum. 2004; 7: E177-178.

7. Innnovative Use of Apical Suction Devices

Athanasiou T, Kumar P, Al-Ruzzeh S, Aziz O, Charitou A, Hart J, Glenville B, Casula R.  Expanded Use of Suction and Stabilization Devices in Cardiothoracic Surgery. Ann Thorac Surg. 2003; 76: 1126-1130.

8. New Technique for Aortic Arch Exclusion
Protopapas AD, Rao C, Choong A, Cheshire NJ, Athanasiou T.Combined Sterno-clavicular Approach as an Alternative Technique in Hybrid Exclusion of Aortic Arch Aneurysm. J Cardiothorac Surg. 2007; 2:36.

9. Endoscopic Robotic OPCAB
Casula RP, Athanasiou T, Cherian A, Bacon R, Foale R, Darzi A.Totally Endoscopic Robotically Enhanced Coronary Artery Bypass on the Beating Heart. J R Soc Med. 2003; 96:400-401.

Presentation of technical innovative procedures

1. New Technique for Aortic Arch Exclusion (Surgeon –Thanos Athanasiou)


2. Externally supported axillo-LAD coronary bypass in REDO patient (Surgeon-Thanos Athanasiou)

3. Radial loop technique for arterial revascularization (Surgeon –Thanos Athanasiou)